SAP Cloud Platform is the Endless Package

SAP cloud platform services can be overwhelming to think about but in a good way. SAP provides what seems like endless capabilities including but not limited to analytics, business services, data and storage, DevOps, integration services, IoT, machine learning, runtimes and containers, security, and user experience.

SAP cloud Platform

SAP cloud platform integration can be both purposeful and adaptable. You can develop and tailor any existing applications whether they are on the cloud or on-premise infrastructure. For this reason, it’s also hybrid cloud friendly. Besides providing your company with personalization and development inclined services, SAP also provides a service where you can build and deploy said applications with the development skills your organization already possesses to achieve business agility.

Enterprise Core

SAP Cloud Platform is a type of open platform as a service (PaaS) which provides customers and partners with in-memory capabilities, core platform services, and unique business services for building and extending personalized, collaborative, mobile-enabled cloud applications. Since its launch, SAP HANA Cloud Platform has evolved into a PaaS with over 40 application services.

With the SAP HANA cloud platform, digitalized connections can be made while personalizing S/4 HANA for changing enterprise needs.


As mentioned before, analytical services are available through this platform. It will deliver real-time data insights and data to support any app or analysis. The data will be available live in combination with machine learning to lead to on-demand intelligence for business processes. Data will be available in large quantities and at a high speed with top security.


The most attractive feature of SAP’s cloud platform is that connection is a lot more robust and simpler. You can connect everything regardless of its location or builder. You can connect your fleet, your assets, and much more to the internet of things. According to SAP’s website, over 1000 apps are built by SAP partners.


The platform helps businesses with agility as well as supports and enhances their enterprise while accelerating the company’s current digital transformation journey now and skyrocketing it into the future.

Success Stories

Independent software vendors (ISVs), startups, and developers are able to use SAP HANA to create and test HANA-based cloud applications.

Fear not, even if your business is already well established, you can also benefit from using the SAP cloud platform if you need to extend your cloud and on-premises software. The platform welcomes everyone.

Take Walmart for example, one of the biggest retail giants that has already experienced the benefits. In just six weeks, more than 2,500 sustainability assessments were completed by 1,400 suppliers across more than 700 product categories

Pacific Drilling in Houston is using SAP Fiori and SAP HANA Cloud Platform development and deployment tools to deliver application prototypes to users in two weeks, creating new apps 75 percent faster than before, with a cost reduction of 50 percent.

The National Football League utilizes SAP HANA Cloud Platform to provide fantasy football fans with the facts and stats they need to analyze every player in the NFL, even providing side-by-side player comparisons. Since the fantasy football site went live, the NFL has seen a 45 percent growth in usage and a 7-fold increase in content consumption by NFL Fantasy Football fans.

According to a 2016 survey by ASUG, of those that are using HCP, 33% want to build applications on SAP HANA, ~33% want to fill functional application gaps in on-premise and SaaS applications, 18% are building brand new apps, and 9% want to build apps that they can sell.

At this rate, more success stories are yet to come. SAP wants to get more companies on board but needs to actively provide more information specific to their organization to convince them to make the jump.



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