• The technology to profile, consolidate and synchronize the master data across the enterprise
  • The applications to manage, cleanse, and enrich the structured and unstructured master data.
  • A flexible, extensible and open data model to hold the master data and all needed attributes (both structured and unstructured). In addition, the data model must be application neutral, yet support OLTP workloads and directly connected applications.
  • A metadata management capability for items such as business entity matrixed relationships and hierarchies.
  • A source system management capability to fully cross-reference business objects and to satisfy seemingly conflicting data ownership requirements.
  • A data quality function that can find and eliminate duplicate data while insuring correct data attribute survivorship.
  • A data quality interface to assist with preventing new errors from entering the system even when data entry is outside the MDM application itself.
  • A continuing data cleansing function to keep the data up to date.
  • An internal triggering mechanism to create and deploy change information to all connected systems.
  • A comprehensive data security system to control and monitor data access, update rights, and maintain change history.
  • A user interface to support casual users and data stewards.
  • A data migration management capability to insure consistency as data moves across the real-time enterprise.
  • A highly available and scalable platform for mission critical data access under heavy mixed workloads.



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